We are living in a world of constant, endless form. In a world full of vibrant matter, if we take moments to consider the liveliness of what surrounds us - the non-human and non-living entities - and the agency they possess, we can see the world in new lenses of making.

Philosopher Jane Bennett posits that reframing the world in such a way can be a political act; to consider the vitality and “capacity for edibles, commodities, storms, metals, not only to impede or block the will and designs of humans but also to act as quasi agents or forces with trajectories, propensities, or tendencies of their own.” How would the way we move through the world, from taking a walk to creating energy policy, change if we were to fully appreciate the vitality of the pieces of world around us?

The aims of the project are to begin to answer these questions: Can we engage with the agency of non-human and even non-living matter and power in the act of making? What new forms of collaboration emerge? This project has a host of collaborators, all whom are named, but it is mostly an artistic conversation with one of our least tangible yet constant entities - wind. Employ your own agency and scroll to navigate.

Collaborator: Nettle Leaves
Speed: 5.4–6.3 MPH
Time: 2 seconds